Munibung Hill Draft Management Plan Broader Community Survey

Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) and Umwelt Australia (Umwelt) are preparing a draft management plan for Munibung Hill to provide a framework for the future use and management of the area. If approved by Council, this plan will be placed on public exhibition for further comment.
This survey seeks to understand the views of the community who may use, or have an interest in, the Munibung Hill precinct area, including:
·       Your current use of the area
·       What you value about the area
·       How you currently access the Hill and how you would like to obtain access in the future
·       Your aspirations for the future of the Hill
·       What you know about how other people use and value the Hill 
·       Any concerns you may have relating to the Hill and what you see as the priorities for future management.
Your ideas and feedback are important in the development of the draft Management Plan. 
Involvement in this survey is voluntary and you may remain anonymous if you choose. 
Thank you for your participation. 
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